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McKenzie Doty

Ms. Doty’s Lesson Plans

For May 11-15



Language & Spelling

This is our last week of school!!  Write a paragraph explaining your dream vacation.  Tell me who would go with you, where would you go, how long you would stay, and what would you do.  I would like complete sentences.  Don’t forget to capitalize the beginning of sentences and add punctuation.



Language & Spelling 

Ask an adult to read your paper and correct any misspellings or grammatical errors.



Language and Spelling

If we were in school we would be planting a Mother’s Day Flower.  I would like for you to write a letter to your Mom or an important lady in your life.  Tell her why she is special to you.  Don’t give it to her until Sunday.  Write in your neatest handwriting.  



Language and Spelling

Today would have been my favorite day of the entire school year!  It’s Field Day!!  Go outside and enjoy yourself..



Language and Spelling

Wow!  It’s officially the last day of school!  I have missed you guys so much.  Please be sure and come see me next year.  Today I would like for you to write me a letter.  Which type of school do you like best Distance Learning or Regular School?


Have a great summer!!  


Ms. Doty  


McKenzie Doty

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