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Trista Borders

Dear Parents ans Students, 

Hope all of you are doing well! Since we are unabable to attend classes for the rest of the year, we will be having “Distance Learning” classes online.Students in my Reading classes have always followed what the regular reading classes are doing, so we will do the same in this situation. Please follow the Reading lessons that your 3rd and 4th grade teacher’s are doing, this will help you stay on level. I am providing my home phone number to you, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. In addition to the curriculum that will be availble online, I will provide access codes to the Educational Websites that we have used in class for extra practice with Language Arts, Phonics, and Reading.These will be on my Educational Website Page. I have sent 3rd graders their green Phonics Book to complete. Good Luck and I will be checking in weekly with each of you by phone to check you progress. 

Home Phone – 580-622-4124                     email-



Trista Borders, Reading Specialist 

Trista Borders

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