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Mikayla Freeze

Due to the COVID-19, we will not be meeting for the remainder of the semester. To continue our education, I have provided a list of free educational resources. As more resources become available, I will update this list. For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at


The following school code works for access to these websites: SCHOOL6346

Grades PK through 2nd:

Grades 3rd through 8th:

Available for all grades:


Character Tree is a website that teaches students postitive traits. They are currently providing free access to their video library when signing up to their website.


Star Fall is a great educational website that provides games that help teach children how to read. This website it focused for students grades PK to 3rd.


For a free virtal library focused on Early Elementary, visit , , or


A free online math workbook for grades PK through 12th: is a popular program with our students. It focuses on students meeting standards for reading and math. They are currently offering a free two month trial for school age kids. is provided free at-home activities for children.


A wonderful website that has provided hundred of pages for reading and mathematic enrichment for grades K through 8:


Scholastic is provided day-by-day magazines and activites for kids. They update their website daily for more activites. Take advantage of this one!

Audible, by Amazon, is providing free access to their audio books. Here is the link to listen!


For my students who would like to finish listening to Ella Enchanted, there are many online readings you can find on Youtube!




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