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Lesson Plans


6th Math Online Classroom

We will continue to use, our online textbook site for assignments.  All lessons, activities, and assignments will be posted directly to this page each week.  A link will be provided for each. Please try to have weekly assignments completed by Friday 3:00 each week. (This will help me to keep your grades current.)  We had begun our last chapter in our books before spring break.  We are only 3 lessons away from finishing all our 6th grade standards. We are going to start back at the beginning of Chapter 10. This first week of assignments should be very fimilar.  We will review the first few lessons of the Chapter and then we will learn a few new things to finish the book.  I plan on giving two assignments each week.  These will be done on bigideamath. com . Just click the link provided.  Each assignment will have a calculator available, unlimited checks, and a help button.  If you are having trouble with a question, click the help button and it will provide a video that will help you with the question.  There is also a speaker like symbol at the top of each question that will enable your device to read the question to you. (Be sure to have your volume turned up.)  The assignments should run find on most devices. Students have reported it works well on laptops, I-pads and Android phones.  The issues in the past have been on Apple I-phones.  If you have to do your work on an I-phone please try to use my link first. If it doesn’t work well, you can go to your App store and search for Big Ideas Math Homework App.  It is free.  It workds well on an I-phone, but it doesn’t allow for checks and help.  I would suggest the app as a last resort for these assignments.  Feel free to contact me anytime during school hours. You may email me at or send a text to 580-220-4337.  I will try my best to respond quickly.  If you start working Monday and can’t remember your username or password or have any problems with, please let me know.  I am very sad that we can’t be in school right now. I miss my classes so much! I know we will all work together and do the very best we can.


Weekly Lessons for April 6-10

• Do Practice Assignment:  Let me know if you have any issues. If it shows you made a bad grade on this one, don’t be upset.  It looks like it is grading wrong. I will go in and fix your grade.  If you’ve already done this, then I have already fixed your grade. sorry!

​•. Review Lesson 10.2  Finding the Mean: Watch Video: 

​•  Finding the Mean 10.2   Do Assignment #1:

​• Review Lesson 10.3  Finding the Median and Mode: Watch Video:

•. Finding the Meadian and Mode 10.2   Do Assignment #2:

Optional:  Practice Multiplication Facts by playing games: Choose a fact family that you need work on and play a game with them or choose flash cards and practice getting faster  at your facts!

Oklahoma 6th Grade Math Standards covered in these lessons: 6.D.1.1,  6.D.1.2,  6.N.4.4















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