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Lesson Plans

We are going to try our online Math book for assignments through this time.  I found that they do have apps now.  One for the textbook, and one for homework.  So, if your device doesn’t work properly running from the website, try the apps.  It accepts the same user and password on the apps.  If you don’t remember your user name, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.  Remember, your username is first initial last name and 3 digits.  ex: jlloyd001.  Your password is either your intials#id number, or initials id number!  ex: jl#706542 or jl706542!


April 6-10    OAS: 7.N.2.1, 7.N.2.2, 7.N.2.3, 7N.2.4, 7.N.2.6 the online book assignments have a calculator to use, and if you don’t understand the question simply click “help” and it will show a video of the lesson. ;)  – Assignment #1  Adding Integers (If you download the big ideas homework app it’s easier to work with, however it doesn’t allow checks) – play lemonade stand (This game is a real life scenario of how to budget your money, and profit)  How much money can you make?  I didn’t do so well, the first time I tried.  I didn’t pay enough attention to what the weather was going to be like.  I wasted so much ice, it wasn’t even funny!! Assignment #2 Multiplying Integers Asssignment #3 Dividing Integers *scroll down and find games, then click on multiplication, choose any game you’d like and let’s get faster at our times facts!

If you have never logged onto our online textbook, please email or text me and I will send you your login info. ;)


phone: 580-369-8653