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Mrs. Cole’s Newsletter 

November 18-22

Dates to Remember:

  • Family Reading Night                          November 18th  from 5:00-7:00  
  • No School                                           Novmember 25th -29th 


We have finished the chapter book “Squanto.”  We will be reviewing the book with different assignments and activities this week.  We will also be watching the “Squanto” movie on Thursday.


1.    daughter         

2.   county             

3.   America          

4.   strange           

5.   clothing           

6.   crowded          

7.   among 

8.   weary              

9.   shoulder          

10.  deerskin         

11.  bracelet

12.  chief               

13.  settlement      

14.  capture           

15.  prisoner


We are working on long division.


We will be doing Thanksgiving/Native American/Pilgrim activities.

Social Studies

Famous Oklahoman Doll due Thursday, November 21st.

SOUTHWEST STATES: Since there are only four states in the southwest, the test will be this Friday, November 22nd.  

States                        Capitals

Arizona                       Phoenix

New Mexico               Santa Fe

Oklahoma                   Oklahoma City          

Texas                          Austin

                                                                                  give thanks