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Mrs. Cole’s Newsletter 

September 23-27


Upcoming Dates:

  • Family Reading Night is Monday, September 23rd from 5:00-7:00.
  • Fundraiser money is due Tuesday, Sept. 24th.
  • Bulldog tattoos are sold on Thursdays.
  • Football Homecoming is Friday. We will be attending the pep-rally at 12:00. We will also attend the Homecoming parade.  If you plan to check your child out for the homecoming parade on Friday, please do so by 1:00.  Also, if a coach or sponsor is checking your child out, the office will need a note from you with a parent signature.

Sept. 23, Monday- California – Dress as a beach bum.

Sept. 24, Tuesday–Washington DC –Wear red, white, and blue.

Sept. 25, Wednesday – New York – Dress as a tacky tourist.

Sept. 26, Thursday – Texas – Dress in western gear.

Sept. 27, Friday - Oklahoma- Wear red & white, Bulldog gear!


We will be reading,”Invasion from Mars” on pages 174-185. The test will be Friday.


awe                  a sense of wonder        

luminous           brightly lit

daring              adventurous and unafraid

alarmed            frightened and surprised

conferring        discussing with others

dangerous         likely to cause harm

rainy                having a lot of rain

rocky                covered with rocks

joyous              full of joy

fluffy              soft to touch


Spelling:Trial Test: Wednesday Final Test: Friday

  1. bunch                                 11.  clue
  2. fruit                                   12.  trunk
  3. argue                                  13.  amuse
  4. crumb                                 14.  suit
  5. crew                                   15.  rude
  6. tune
  7. juice
  8. refuse
  9. truth
  10. young



We will finish Chapter 9 this week.


Social Studies:   

Chapter 3: U.S. Government



We will be learning about VERBS. (action, linking, helping)


Accelerated Reader

The goal for the first nine weeks ends on October 11th. Keep reading! J


Math Facts in a Flash

Keep working hard to learn your math facts! We now have ten students who have met their math facts goals. Yeah!!!