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Acclerated Reader Information


Accelerated Reader Goals


In fourth grade, your child is required to reach their accelerated reader goal each nine weeks.  We have time set aside each day for reading; however, your child may need to read at home too.  The following dates are the deadlines for when the AR points are due.  Your child will be rewarded if he or she meets the goal each time.  This also counts as a grade for Reading. So let’s READ, READ, READ!!!!


AR GOAL                                Deadline

1st Nine weeks goal                  October 11th

2nd Nine weeks goal                 December 18th

3rd Nine weeks goal                 March 11th   

4th Nine weeks goal                 May 8th


Also, in order to be elgible for the AR Lazer Zone trip at the end of the year, the fourth grade students are required to accumulate 100 points for the year with an average of 80% or higher.