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November 4th – 8th



--Fifth Grade Reading---Novel Study- Holes- November 4th - 8th



Homework will be to study your spelling words and write your vocabulary words in a sentence by Wednesday.  Also, make it a habit to read your AR book daily.  The AR deadline is December 18, 2019.

Vocabulary Words

defiance– when someone or a group openly challenges authority.

concoctions– curious mixtures of things like a bunch of liquids.

recede– to pull back, retreat, or become faint or distant.

systematic– something that is carefully planned.

precipice– the edge of a steep cliff.

increments– small amounts

dread-  the fear of something bad happening.

humid– when there is a lot of moisture in the air.

deliriouswhen ones becomes incoherent.

paranoid-  heavily influenced by anxiety or fear.



      Spelling Words                                                                           Bonus Words

1. delirious                       8. spew                      15. vile                   21. comprehend

2. dab                               9. gully                      16.  rummage         22. grotesque  

3. flurry                         10. parched                  17.  drought            23.  quivering

4. pry                             11. remedy                  18.  lapped              24.  ventilation

5. encounter                  12. concoction            19.  mirage              25. precipice

6. incurable                  13. despair                    20. protruding

7. afflict                       14. sparingly


Please make sure your child understands the importance of completing homework.  Zeros due to lack of completing homework will affect their grade.