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Newsletter:  Off and Running


Sept 23rd- 27th



Fifth Grade Reading---Elisa’s Diary---September 23-27

Homework for the week will be to reread, Elisa’s Diary, in your Journeys book.  Study your spelling words and write your vocabulary sentences by Wednesday..  I have enjoyed reading your sentences. Many of them give me insight on what is happening in your world.  The vocabulary words are listed below, and they are also in your Journeys reader on page 138-139. Please read daily so that you can easily meet your AR goal.  The deadline for your 1st 9 weeks AR goal is Oct. 11th. You may dress up this week for homecoming: 

Monday-California-beach bum,

Tuesday-Washington D.C.-USA,

Wednesday-New York-tacky tourist,


Friday-Bulldog Pride-red/white.  Go Bulldogs!!!


Vocabulary Words:

gorgeous-something that stands out in beauty and grace

opponents-people who compete against each other in a contest

supposedly-thought to be true or supposed to be true

preliminary-something that comes before the final event

obvious-noticeable or easy to see

brutal-something that is overly rough

officially-authorized by the people who make the rules

sweeping-movement that covers a wide space from side to side


embarrassed-feeling ashamed and uncomfortable


Spelling Words: Bonus Words:

  1.  ounce       11.  destroy     21.  poise

  2. sprawl       12.  saucer      22.  loiter

  3. launch       13.  pounce    23.  exhaust

  4. loyal          14.  poison     24.  assault

  5. avoid         15.  August    25.  alternate

  6. basketball 16.  auction

  7. moist         17.  royal

  8. haunt         18.  coward

  9. scowl         19.  awkward

  10. naughty     20.  encounter


Family Reading Nights are Mondays from 5:00-7:00

Picture Day-Oct. 10

AR deadline is October 11th

Parent/Teacher conferences will be October 14th 4:00-9:00

No School Oct. 16th

Fall Break Oct. 17-18