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Reading Newsletter        October 26-30th


* Please read your AR book every night! The new goal is 13.0 points! 


This Week’s Focus:

Reading- Novel - Freak The Mighty- (figurative language) and literary elements (plot)

Language- Interjections &  Conjunctions (Spooky Grammar Parts of Speech Review)

Writing- Narrative Essay 

*Vocabulary, Comprehension & Language test on Friday &  vocabulary sentences due on Friday! 

(They will have opportunities to work on vocabulary sentences in class. If they don’t finish, it will be homework)


Vocabulary Words:

depleted- significantly decreased or used up.

Converging- meeting

Evasive- sneaky or tricky.

Hulking-  Heavy and clumsy; bulk

Trajectory- The curve or path of a moving object

Confrontation- The act of meeting face to face in opposition

Decibel- A unit used to measure the intensity of a sound

Optimum- Most conducive to a favorable outcome; best

Fealty- Formal acknowledgment of loyalty to a lord. 


Important Dates To Remember:

Monday -Wear sweats

Tuesday - Wear peace sign or tie-dye

Wednesday - Wear bright colors, sunglasses Thursday - Wear your pajamas

Friday - Dress in your Halloween Costume

2nd nine weeks A.R deadline- December 18th


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