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February 18th – 21st


Fifth Grade Reading---The Dog Newspaper---Feb.18-21

Homework for the week will be to write your vocabulary sentences with the words listed below.  Study your spelling words. The AR deadline is quickly approaching.  Be sure to check your points and percentage goal.   



required-necessary; called for

edition-version; specific issue

background-the details of a person’s or thing’s past

career-profession; the work a person does to earn a living

formula-set of rules or steps

household-the people living in a house

uneventful-unimportant; insignificant

publication-any print product, such as a magazine, book, or newspaper

insights-understanding on an issue; point of view

destruction-vast damage or devastation; ruin


Spelling Words:                            Bonus Words:

  1.  duties        11.  trophies           21.  unified

  2. earlier        12.  cozier               22.  dictionaries

  3. loveliest     13.  enemies          23.  boundaries

  4. denied        14.  iciest               24.  satisfied

  5. ferries         15.  greedies          25.  tragedies

  6. sunnier       16.  drowsier

  7. terrified      17.  victories

  8. abilities     18.  horrified

  9. dirtier        19.  memories

  10. scariest     20.  strategies


Dates to remember:

March 4 Spring Pictures

March 9 parent/teacher conferences 

March 11 AR points due

March 13 No School

March 16-20 Spring Break

April 27 State Testing begins





When you READ you will SUCCEED!!

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