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2019-2020 Digital Learning Resources

During this time, be creative!  Have fun with your children! 

Math       We have been using this website all year.  You just need to remember your user name and password. If you can’t remember it, you may set up a new account on your own.  It’s all FREE!                We have been using this website all year.  Just enter your class code and user name to get started.

                                     AM class code: UY86Y5

                                     PM class code: TDW4VV       This will be a new website for students this year.  Simply go to the website, choose the free trial option, enter your info. and get started.  Students should go into the subject of their choice, choose the topic they would like to work on, read through the lesson and watch any videos available, then go into the lesson.  These lessons can be difficult.  Please don’t get frustrated!!!


STEM calendar

Scholastic Learn at Home 

Social Studies