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Notes from Ms. Doty

Hello to the greatest 5th grade students to ever enter Sulphur Intermediate School!  I need you to know how much I love and miss you!  I hope you are enjoying this time away from school with your family.  

Please know that I think about you everyday, and I hope that this message finds you safe and healthy.  You are currently living HISTORY.  One day in a future Social Studies Class a teacher, just like me, will be telling 5th grade students how YOU encountered this virus and survived!  You are currently living like the Pilgrims.  You are encountering something new and unknown, and I want for you to know that just like the Pilgrims you have this!  Be brave, be safe, and listen to your parents.  Just think, one day Rush Revere and Liberty might be visiting Sulphur, OK in the year 2020, to learn all about you.  Use this time wisely.  Love your family, stay safe from harm, work on Math, and most importantly know that I love and miss you dearly!

-Love Always,

Ms. Doty

comment posted by SIERRA on 05-06-2020
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