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Week 1 April 6-10

 Listen to the story The Easter Egg by Jan Brett,

Extras for Easter



  1. mechanical – automatic, working by itself
  2. alarm – a sound warning of danger 
  3. moss – a type of green plant that has very small leaves and grows on wet ground
  4. swelled – to become larger or rounder in size
  5. mist – a fine cloud of water droplets
  6. decorate – to make something look pretty
  7. carving – to scratch a design in wood
  8. honor – high respect given to someone 

Math – See the Weekly Newsletter tab for daily math

Easter Activity 

We would like our second graders to participate in a fun Easter Egg activity. Please draw your own egg or print an egg template and decorate it. Place it in a window, door, mailbox for people to see and then you can drive around to locate them. See how many you can find and Have Fun! 

Please choose an activity for each day, you will do one for Tuesday-Friday. 





Draw a picture that represents each of your vocabulary words.

Draw a picture of the setting (where the story takes place).

Hunt for three adjectives (words that describe) and draw what they are describing.

Write a new ending to the story.

Create flash cards for each vocabulary word.

Pick a character you have something in common with and state why?

Search for words that have diagraph ch, sh, th, wh, ph and write them down.

What character in the story would you invite to your house and why?

Draw a comic strip using three-four vocabulary words

What is something new you learned from the story?

Choose three verbs and draw them.

If you could ask the main character one question what it would be.

Create a list with a synonym and antonym for each vocabulary word.

Did the story have a plot? (conflict, or problem)

Find 4 nouns and draw a picture and label them.

If you were going to give a character in the story an award what would it be and why?