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Digital Learning April 6th-10th


5th Grade Digital Learning

April 6th-10th

Greetings 5th Graders! We hope you are doing well and we miss you all! We wish we could be at school with you but since we can’t, we have come up with some fun activities. We hope you enjoy them as well. The lessons we have posted will help students prepare for 6th grade. Parents, we don’t want the suggestions we have posted to overwhelm you in any way. Please let us know if you have questions. These lessons should not take more than a couple hours to complete. If you are wanting more for your student to do, refer to our educational websites page. If students need a specific login for Readworks or NoRedInk, check your reading teacher’s page.

Since we are all stuck at home, we thought that exploring a different National Park each week would be a fun way to learn and explore. 

The theme this week is “Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.” Before you complete any of the assignments, take the virtual field trip by clicking on this link: 

The caves in this park are pretty amazing

Have fun & happy learning! Love, The 5th Grade Teachers


Reading- Readworks “Carlsbad Caverns”  (check your reading teacher’s page for login info) 

Language- Write a paragraph about Carlsbad Caverns. What did you think about it?

Math-  Cave Run Multiplication

Science/SS- Make a stalactite:

**Students can now take AR quizzes at home just like they did at school! 



Reading- Readworks: Native Americans

Language- NoRedInk:  Commonly Confused Words I

Math- Cave Run Division

Science/SS- Spelunker: one who makes a hobby of exploring and studying caves

                 *Describe your experience as a spelunker in Carlsbad Caverns: What do you see, smell, and hear?



Reading- read a book from Epic! Books 

Language- No Red Ink: Commonly Confused Words Part II

Math- Night Bat Word Problem:

Science/SS- Watch Magic School Bus: Going Batty        



Reading- Readworks: The Pueblo Revolt

Language- Make a Wacky Web Tale!

Math- Solve: 1. It’s 505 miles from Sulphur to Carlsbad Caverns. Convert 505 miles to yards. Convert 505 miles to feet                                    2. It’s 812 km from Sulphur to Carlsbad Caverns. Convert 812km to meters. 

Science/SS- Go to:  

                   Answer these questions: 1. In which state is Carlsbad Caverns located?

                                                             2. What mountains are West of Carlsbad Caverns? 

                                                             3. What state is South of Carlsbad Caverns?  

                                                             4. What three trails are found in Carlsbad Caverns?  

                                                             5. What is the closest city to Carlsbad Caverns?

Art- Just for fun! Directed Draw of a cartoon Easter Bunny                               (It’s really cute!)



Reading- Read a book outside!

Language- Journal: Would you like to visit Carlsbad Caverns someday?

                               What would you like to do while you are there?

Math- The record high temperature for April is 97.4. The record low temperature for April is 22.2.

          Find the difference in these two temperatures.

Science/SS- Measure your heartbeat for 10 seconds. Convert the beats per minute.

                    Run around and then measure again. What happened?

Art- Just for fun! Directed Draw of an Easter Basket!