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Digital Learning April 13th-17th

5th Grade Digital Learning

April 13th-17th

Greetings 5th Graders! We are so proud of how good you did with your first week of distance learning! 

The theme this week is “Hawaii Volcanoes in Hawaii” Before you complete any of the assignments, take the virtual field trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by clicking on this link: It’s an amazing park, enjoy!

Have some fun!

What is your park ranger name?  Click here to find out. Text your park ranger name to your teacher.

Are you having fun exploring the parks and would like to become a Jr. Ranger?  Simply go to and click on Find your park.  Scroll through and choose one of the parks we are learning about.  You can print out the book, complete the pages you can, and mail them into the address given for the park and they should send you back a Jr. Ranger prize.  Or from the same site, click on Find your book for more park fun!!


Monday 13th:

Reading- Read Welcome to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, by Teri & Bob Temple on Epic Books  (click on Login, then Students & Educators) Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

Then take an AR quiz on the book. Quiz # 109753

Language-Journal: What are some things to do before and after volcanic eruptions? 

Math-If I was going to draw a volcano, it would look similar to a triangle.  If I was going to make a 3-D volcano, it would look like a pyramid. Print out these 3-D nets and fold them into 3-D figures.

If you don’t have a printer, look at the nets and think about the shape they would make if you folded them.  Then, look around your house and find 2 objects that match each 3-D shape. Have fun!

Science/SS-Open this link to learn more about the differences in Icebergs and glaciers.  Then, do the activity.


Tuesday 14th:

Reading- Readworks: “Oh No, Volcano!” 

Language- NoRedInk: Comparative Adjectives

Math-Check out the diameters of the planets, then put them in order from least to greatest.

Mercury 3,031.9 miles

Venus 7,520.8 miles

Earth 7.917.5 miles

Mars 4,212.3 miles

Jupiter 86,881 miles

Saturn 72,367 miles

Uranus 31,518 miles

Neptune 30,599 miles

Science/SS-Hawaii Volcanoes is known for its dark skies which makes it a great place to go stargazing.  Remember when we went star gazing at Camp Goddard? Wasn’t it amazing? Check out these fun games to learn more about the solar system including stars, planets, and everything outer space. or download the Sky View app (the lite version is free) and check out the night sky.


Wednesday 15th:

Reading-Read Volcanoes, by Shirley Duke on Epic Books   Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

Then take an AR quiz on it. Quiz #177263

Language-Journal: Use your imagination to finish this…. “We were finishing up our Hawaii vacation and packing that night. When all of a sudden we heard a strange noise in the distance. When day broke, we knew why. The volcano nearby was……. “

Math-Because Hawaii is an island, it’s surrounded by water. Below you will find water temperatures of the coastal waterways of several cities in Hawaii. Find the mean, median, mode, and range of the temperatures.  You can use a calculator to help you with the mean! :)

Honolulu  76

Oahu Island

Hilo   72

Hawaii Island

Kahului   76

Maui Island

Kawihae  78

Hawaii Island

Mokuoloe   75

Oahu Island

Nowiliwili  78

Kauai Island

Science/SS-Make an origami whale:  Use a table and answer questions about the 5 oceans of the world.


Thursday 16th:

Reading- Readworks  “Volcano: Magma Rising” 

Language-NoRedInk: Superlative Adjectives

Math-Print this worksheet and use crayons or colored pencils to make a picture.

If you don’t have a printer, just answer the problems to a family member or on a piece of paper.

Science/SS-Click the link below to watch Magic School Bus Blows its top.


Friday 17th:

Reading-Read for Fun!

Language-Make a Wacky Web Tale! 

Math- I’ve never gotten to go to Hawaii, but if I did, I know it would be a long airplane ride.  As a matter of fact, it would take somewhere between 10-14 hours depending on the flight path.  Use a piece of paper and design a paper airplane. See how far it flies. Then, make a change to your plane (fold it differently, add a paperclip to add weight, etc.) and see if you can make it fly even farther.  Have fun!

**On my phone, I went to my maps app and typed in Honolulu.  I had the option of Flyover or Directions. If you get this option, click Flyover.  Pretty cool!  

Science/SS-It’s time for a Brain Break!  See if you can answer these riddles!

What is the strongest creature in the sea?

(A mussel!)

What do you call a fish without an eye?


What do you get when you cross a shark and a snowman?


Where do fish keep their money?

(In a river-bank!)