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April 13-April 17 1st Grade Lesson Plan

Reading Comprehension:

Monday: listen and discuss “Amazing Animals”

questions to ask:

How do animals stay safe?

How does a dolphin use its tail?

Why do some animals have spots or stripes?

Tuesday-Friday: additonal activities 

  • talk about characters, setting, and plot
  • retell beginning, middle, and end
  • draw a picture and label one or more of the animals from the story
  • find nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the story 
  • listen to The Ugly Duckling


Review R- controlled vowels from last week. 

This week, please, review short and long vowel sounds.

Ask your child what SHORT a,e,i,o, & u says. 

Ask your child what LONG a,e,i,o, & u says. (long vowels say the letter name) 

Sight Words:

learning, begins, until, eight, young, follow, years, baby 

Please choose 3 of these activities to do with the weekly sight words listed above.

  • rainbow write
  • use a word in a sentence
  • write in alphabetical order
  • make flashcards to practice with
  • write with sidewalk chalk


The concept for this week is: time. 

Please view these videos with your child.


  • make and label a clock on a paper plate 
  • write out a daily schedule with times to the hour 
  • watch the clock and for each hour do that many jumping jacks, push ups, or exercise of your choice
  • There are worksheets under the “Math Worksheets” Tab if you want to view and discuss with your child. 

Art & additional activities:

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