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April 27th-May 1st First Grade Lesson Plan

Reading Comprehension:

Monday: listen and discuss “The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad”

questions to ask:

What do Frog and Toad do to try to get the kite to fly?

How do the robins act toward Frog and Toad?

What really makes the kite fly?

How can weather change your day?

Tuesday-Friday: additonal activities 

  • talk about characters, setting, and plot
  • retell beginning, middle, and end
  • draw a picture and label the parts of a tree (branch, trunk, leaves, bark, etc) 
  • find nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the story 
  • listen to “National Geographic Kids Weather”


Review R-controlled vowels, short vowels, long vowels, and words with /oo/  (spoon, moon, boot, zoo).

Listen and discuss videos with long i with the spelling pattern igh. (high, light, night, bright, sigh)


Sight Words:

across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, large

Please choose 3 of these activities to do with the weekly sight words listed above.

  • rainbow write
  • use a word in a sentence
  • write in alphabetical order
  • make flashcards to practice with
  • write with sidewalk chalk


The concept for this week is: math facts

Please view these videos with your child. 


Art & additional activities:

  • make a kite out of newspaper, magzines, paper, etc 
  • draw a picture of your favorite type of weather
  • finish the sentence and draw a picture “If I was a kite, I would fly...”
  • make a tornado safety plan with your family 
  • talk about and draw what you wear for each type of weather 
  • paint or draw a rainbow
  • make a tornado in a bottle
  • make a graph of this weeks weather
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