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Week 5 May 4-8

Week 5 May 4-8

Welcome to week 5 of distance learning! Keep up the hard work!

Please fill out the third grade enrollment information for the 2020-2021 school year ASAP!  It is under the Sulphur Intermediate School webpage.                        


Don’t forget to continue reading and keep track on the reading log that Mrs. Muck sent home. She will be passing out snow cones on May 8, please bring your reading log. 


Story of the week: The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs (AR Test #79606)

Please take the AR test for this story.

Extras, please watch one video each day. 

Epic – *Your child’s teacher has their class code on their educational website page* There are a ton of dinosaur books on epic, but here are a few. 

  1. When I Grow Up I’ll be a Paleontolgist (AR #185280)
  2. Fossils and Dinosaurs (test on epic)
  3. Discover Dinosaurs (AR # 107211) 
  4. The Dinosaur Museum (AR #138599)
  5. Am I Yours? (AR #503505)

Smithsonian –

Natural History Museum – (this is where the fossil from the story is at)

Sam Noble Museum –

If you have books at home, please check to see if you can take an AR test over them. 

Book Flix – login: Learning20        password: Clifford


  1. souvenirs – things that remind you of a place you visited or an experience you had
  2. guard – a person who watches over or protects something or someone
  3. discovered – to have found out something you didn’t know before 
  4. amazed –  very surprised
  5. explained – to have told someone about something so that the person understands it
  6. exact – right on; completely correct 
  7. growled – made a long, deep, angry sound with the throat
  8. remove – to take away 

Please complete vocabulary page 183 in the readers notebook. 

Journal Questions Monday-Thursday:

  1. What dinosaur would you have for a pet and why?
  2. Scientists who find fossils are called paleontologists. Do you think you would enjoy being a paleontologist? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think there are fossils where we live?
  4. If you discovered a new fossil what would you name it and why?

Grammar: Please complete the grammar pages in the readers notebook, 173, 176, 182, 185.

Extra practice –

Math: We are posting Side A with the answers for reference, please have your child complete SIde B.

Please spend at least 45 minutes weekly on Happy Numbers, this is a great way for your child to stay caught up for third grade.

The weekly math lessons are under the weekly newsletter tab, 

Subtraction Rap –

Fun Activities – (Mother’s Day Directive Drawing)