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Digital Learning May 11th-15th

5th Grade Digital Learning


May 11th-15th

Hello 5th Graders! It’s hard to believe it is the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! This isn’t how any of us imagined the school year ending, but we hope you have made the best of it. We are very proud of how well you have done with digital learning!  

This week we are doing a combination of weather activities and end of school activities. You will learn about storms, tornadoes, and rainbows! We will finish the week with some fun end of the year & summertime activities.  Have fun!


Monday 11th: Lightning & Thunderstorms   

Reading- Lightning is very fascinating. Read What is Lightning by Ellen Lawrence on Epic Books  (click on Login, then Students & Educators) Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

Optional: take an AR quiz on the book. Quiz #  177308

Language- Living in Oklahoma, we experience many severe storms. We love you all and want you to stay safe!  Make a plan with your family and write it down. Visit this website for ideas and tips!


Math-Practice rounding with this fun worksheet.  Print it off if you can or just tell someone in your family the answers if you aren’t able to print it.

Science/SS- This week for Science and Social Studies we are giving you a couple of choices.  Feel free to pick and choose which assignment you would like to do each day.  If you are feeling creative, feel free to do them ALL! 

Make a thunderstorm front.
What you need: Clear plastic container (size of a shoebox), red food coloring, ice cubes made with water and blue food coloring.
What to do: Fill the plastic container two-thirds full with lukewarm water. Let the water sit for a minute to come to air temperature. Place a blue ice cube at one end of the container. Drop 3 drops of red food coloring into the water at the opposite end of the container. Watch what happens!
Here’s the explanation: The blue cold water (representing a cold air mass) sinks while the red warm water (representing the warm, unstable air mass) rises. This is called convection and the warm air is forced to rise by the approaching cold front, and the thunderstorm forms.


2. Make it rain.

weather activities
What you need: Clear plastic cup or glass jar, shaving cream, food coloring.
What to do: Fill the cup with water. Squirt shaving cream on top for the clouds. Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it “rain”.  REMEMBER that when the clouds get too “heavy” they rain!

Print out this fun “Lightning Storm” rounding sheet, and have fun coloring!



Tuesday 12th: Tornadoes   

Reading- Read this cool book about Tornadoes on Epic Books! Tornadoes by Shirley Duke  (click on Login, then Students & Educators) Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

Then do this short assignment on Readworks: “Earth Science-Tornadoes”

Language- Write a paragraph about the Science activity you chose!

Math- Complete this Tornado Strikes worksheet

Science/SS- Choose your activity!

Swirl up a tornado

weather activities
What you need: Two 2-liter clear plastic bottles (empty and clean), water, food coloring, glitter, duct tape.
What you do: Fill one of the bottles two-thirds full of water. Add food coloring and a dash of glitter. Use duct tape to fasten the two containers together. Make sure to tape tightly so that no water leaks out when you turn the bottles over. Flip the bottles so that the bottle with the water is on top. Swirl the bottle in a circular motion. This will create a vortex and a tornado will form in the top bottle as the water rushes into the bottom bottle.

Tornado in a Jar
What you need to make a tornado in a jar:
-Glass jar with a lid (mason jar, pickle jar, jam jar, anything will work)
-Clear Dish Soap (or blue if you have it)
-Blue Food Dye
Once you have your supplies, you are ready to go!
1.  Fill your jar about 3/4 full with water and add in 3-5 drops of blue food dye (depending on the size of your jar and how dark you want the water to be).
2.  Add a teaspoon of dish soap and a teaspoon of vinegar to your blue water.
3.  Tighten your lid, and if you are concerned about spillage… use a hot glue gun quickly around the rim and quickly tighten the lid before it can dry. This will secure your lid and ensure you don’t have blue water all over your white carpet!
4.  Simply hold the jar by the lid and rotate it around in a circle in a smooth, steady motion with your wrist and watch the vortex form.



Wednesday 13th: Rainbows   

Reading- Read Natural Phenomena: Rainbows by Alicia Klepeis on Epic Books  (click on Login, then Students & Educators) Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

Optional: take an AR quiz on the book. Quiz # 198248

Language- Creative Writing: Write a paragraph about a time you saw a rainbow. Where were you? What did it look like?

Math-Choose and create your science project before doing the math today.  If you did science…

Choice 1:  Measure the distance on the floor from underneath the glass to the paper.  Measure in inches and centimeters.

Choice 2:  Count the number of items of each color you used to make your rainbow.  Then count the total number of items you used.  Make a fraction of each color.  Remember, to make a fraction, the numerator is what you are asked to find, the denominator is the total number.

Science/SS- Before you get started creating rainbows, have fun watching this short video!  The Magic School Bus S03E07 Makes A Rainbow (Color) - video dailymotion

Reflect a rainbow

weather activities
What you need: Glass of water, sheet of white paper, sunlight.
What to do: Fill the glass all the way to the top with water. Put the glass of water on a table so that it is half on the table and half off the table (make sure that the glass doesn’t fall!) Then, make sure that the sun can shine through the glass of water. Next, place the white sheet of paper on the floor. Adjust the piece of paper and the glass of water until a rainbow forms on the paper.
How does this happen? Light is made up of many colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When light passes through the water, it is broken up into all of the colors seen in a rainbow.

Create a Rainbow using household items
We can find rainbows everywhere we look.  I don’t know about you, but everytime I see a rainbow, I smile!  See if you can find items in your home to create a rainbow!  If you are having trouble remembering the colors of a rainbow, remember ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).  Have fun creating your rainbow, and don’t forget to send a picture of your rainbow to your teacher!  Feel free to see the example below for ideas!


Thursday 14th: 

Reading- Read a book of your choice for fun! Read a book you have at home or pick one on Epic Books.  (click on Login, then Students & Educators) Use class code: jzy0104 or ehb4041 

You can use Epic Books all summer! Just keep reading!! 

Language-Complete this Summer Goals Mad Lib. Have fun!

Math- Here is a fun math escape room.  Remember, you must think, think, think!! Text your teacher if you need a clue!  This will be fun to do as a family!  Who can figure out the most clues?

Science/SS-  It is almost the last day of class, so we need to see your face!  On a sheet of white paper draw and color a self portrait of yourself.  It is almost summertime; so, of course you will need sunglasses. Use this link sunglasses pattern.pdf to print yourself a pair of sunglasses.  You may decorate your glasses any way you would like.  Use the space inside the lens to write about your Dream Vacation.  Don’t forget to take a picture of your finished portrait and send it to your teacher!   


Friday 15th:

Reading- Read a book Outside!

Language-Go outside and play! Draw with sidewalk chalk, shoot hoops, Hula-Hoop, jump rope! Have Fun!!

Math-Think about what we would be doing if we were at school today!  It’s the last day!  Think about your teacher, your friends, your summer!  What was your favorite part of the school year?  What do you plan to do this summer? Your teachers are going to miss you very much!

Science/SS- Now for a fun end of the school year activity, use the following website to help guide you through making your name into crystals!   Crystal Names