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The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and application of reading and writing skills in a more structured and intimate learning environment. Through the assessment of student strengths and weaknesses, guided and independent practice will be provided to ensure individualized growth and mastery. 



  • We commit to creating a safe learning environment that challenges our minds toward growth and achievement.

  • We will be constant encouragers and nurturers of respect.

  • We will work hard and put forth our best effort in order to succeed.

  • We will be prepared for the educational opportunities of this day and the next.

  • We will have a vision for the future and seek to be a positive influence in this school and in our community.

  • We will believe in ourselves!




1. Be Prompt       2. Be Prepared. 3. Be Positive

4. Be Productive.             5. Be Polite

-Respect for Self: I will always do my best, I will positively participate in all classroom activities, I will be on time to class, I will be prepared with materials and homework; I will encourage my own success.

-Respect for Others: I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others, I will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others, I will respect other people’s differences and opinions, I will raise my hand to speak.

-Respect for Property/School: I will take care of my property, school property, and others’ property.

  • Consequences:

1.)  Verbal Warning

2.) Behavior Log/ Notice of Concern will be sent home

3.) Referral / Office



School Phone: 580-622-4010


Plan: 1st hour


  • Beginning of Class- Enter silently, open Chromebook, begin daily work.

  • Attendance & Tardies- Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the hour. Students who show up late to class (defined by not being in the classroom door after the bell rings), will be considered “tardy.” Additionally, students checked out before the end of the hour will be tardy per school policy. 3 tardies will result in an office referral.


  • Late Work-    If a student is actively participating in class, but he or she is unable to complete work they may be permitted to complete it at home and return it the following morning for full credit. Late assignments will receive a 25% deduction during the 1st semester and a 40% deduction in the 2nd semester. 8th grade students should be responsible enough by then to turn work in on time. Any assignment over 1 week late will remain a 0.  Students will be allowed into my classroom from 7:50-8:10 every morning for help with work missed.


  • NO Food /Cell Phones/ Gaming/ Music Devices-   Please bring a water bottle to class. It is hot outside and you need to stay hydrated. The use of cell phones, gaming, and/or music devices is forbidden in class.                                                                                                     


  • Class Participation- All students are expected to positively and actively participate in class. This includes reading aloud! Please be respectful in your opinions, language, and manners in order to maintain a safe learning environment. Students will FAIL on a weekly basis as this is a learning environment. Embrace failures as First Attempts In Learning. Eventually, struggles will turn into successes! There will be a category for Class Participation (5 points a day). Any disruption in class, lack of participation, or lack of materials will merit a deduction in this category.  


  • Library- We will visit the library both as a class and individually. A grade is given for reading time. You will receive full credit if you are reading, testing or checking out a book. Library visits need to be quiet and productive. 


  • Grading- Students earn the grade that they have earned. Grading will be based on participation, daily assignments, skill practice and mastery, and projects. Formal assessments and data will be used to identify student strengths, weaknesses, and progress. The best way to succeed in this class is to be prepared, work hard, and have your materials.

A= 100-90, B= 89-80, C= 79,-70, D= 69-60, F= 59 and below

Use of Technology- Students are expected to maintain school rules and adhere to school privacy policies. Computers are to be used for educational purposes only and per the teacher’s instructions. Students should have and use only their personal school login and Chromebook. 


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