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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

1st Hour: 8:05- 8:55 US History

2nd Hour: 9:00- 9:50 US History

3rd Hour: 9:55- 10:45 US History

4th Hour: 10:50- 11:40 AP US History

11:45- 12:15 Lunch

12:20- 1:10 JH Boys Athletics (8th and 9th basketball; Boys offseason)

1:15- 2:05 Planning Period

2:10- 3:00 High School Weight Training

3:00- High School Athletics (Assistant Basketball; Head Girls Golf)

Online Learning Plan

On Monday April 6, US and AP US History will be up and running on our digital format of google classroom. It will be very similar to a college online class- reading, discussion, lecture/video, quiz. We will cover one major topic per week until the end of the school year. Be sure to turn on your classroom notifications on your iphone app for future announcements from me through google classroom.

I understand distance learning can have its complications, but due to our class structure already it can be fairly seamless. If you have any questions please have you and/or your parent email me at Furthermore, if we have any zoom or google hangout meetings as a class make sure to dress in school attire, and be respectful of your classmates as if we were on school grounds.

Topic Schedule

Week 1: Vietnam and Social Change

Week 2: Nixon Administration; Ford and Carter Years

Week 3: The Conservative Tide

Week 4: Modern America

Week 5: Final Exam/Essay Writing

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