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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Saunders Daily Schedule 

1st hour- 6th math- co-teaching

2nd hour- Conference

3rd hour- 8th Pre-Algebra co-teaching 

4th hour- 6th co-teaching math

5th hour- 6th, 7th, 8th math

6th hour- Study Skills

7th hour- 7th co-teaching Math




Jerri Dawn Saunders

Special Education Teacher

Sulphur Middle School

6th,7th, and 8th grade math



                                                                              Classroom Syllabus



I first want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s life.  I am so excited about this school year. My goal is to provide an educational environment that is safe, consistent, and fair.  I hope to not only teach math but to help to build the child as a whole. I want to encourage and motivate each student to believe in themself. I hope to instill the idea that if we change our way of thinking our actions will follow. 



Your child will be learning the grade level Oklahoma Academic Skills objectives for each subject they are in my class.  He/she will be preparing to take the end of year assessment that the IEP team has decided is the most appropriate for them. 


Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Be Responsible and ready:  Bring your pencil, paper, folders with brads, homework and all needed material for class each day.

Be Respectful of teacher and peers:  

Raise your hand before you talk or get up out of your seat

You are not allowed to go behind my desk:  


Any homework assigned will be expected to be completed by the next school day.  If your child has any questions regarding homework, I will allow time before class to ask.  I will not assign homework without examples that we have completed together in class or worksheets that explain the concept. 


Consequences for disrespect to Mrs. Saunders or others:

1st- warning

2nd- write sentences or time facts

3rd- office

All physical confrontation will result in going to the office. 


Mrs. Saunders daily schedule:

7:45 arrival

1st hour- 7th co-teaching 

2nd hour- Study Skills Class

3rd hour- 8th Pre-Algebra co-teaching 

4th hour- Study Skills

5th hour- Conference 

6th hour- 6th math co-teach math

7th hour- 6th/ 7th/ 8th math


Please call or come by on my conference if you have any questions or concerns. 


Mrs. Saunders




Jerri Dawn Saunders

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School Phone:
580-622-4010 ex 310
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