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Lesson Plans


Welcome to 2020 Distant Learning

        Thank you for helping your child continue to progress in their education through distance learning.   We will be continuing our math assignments for the remainder of the year through MOBY MAX.  Log on as usual and complete the assignment listed below.  Be sure and watch the lesson and use the help as needed.  If you have any additonal questions please ask on Moby Max messanger box (at the top of the screen once you log on) and I will reply back or by email at or message me at (580) 618-1655.  Take care, be sure to social distance through this unusal time.  I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again.  

Reminder on how to sign in

  • go to
  • click as a student at the top left
  • click on school name and type- sulphur ms then click find
  • next click on sulphur ms in the drop box
  • type user name and password 
  • click on math and lessons will appear

Please do not stress out over this.  We will get through this.  Enjoy the time at home with your family.  I miss you all!  


April 6-April 10

Monday- 7D1.1 Statistics   


Tuesday- 7D1.1 Statistics


Wednesday-  Multiplication practice

  • Click on Fact Fluency and practice facts for 20 min. 


Thursday- 7D1.1 Statistics 


Friday-  Choose a game with earned game time or practice fact fluency or coolmath for 20 minutes.  Enjoy your Friday.  


I Hope you had a great week and enjoyed getting back on track with your favorite subject and teacher!!!!!!  LOL

Mrs. Saunders