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Lesson Plans

Aug. 24-28


 Mrs. Saunders

Lesson Plan

Date: Aug. 24-28


Duty Wednesday 11:55-12:10 6th grade playground; Thursday 3:00 crosswalk 


1St hour- Co-Teach with Mrs. Summers 6th grade math

2nd hour- Co-Teach with Mrs. Summers 6th grade math

3rd hour- Co-Teach with Mr. Bargas 8th grade Pre-Algebra

4th hour- Co-Teach with Mrs. Summers 6th grade math

5th hour- Math 

 6th, 7th, 8th Math

OAS standard Daily warm up- go over multiplication facts the fun way

Monday placement test

To assess current level of math


pg. 17-18 Jumpstart review/  

Students will review tally marks and number sense.  Independent practice on Math level. 


pg 19-20 Jumptsart review/ 

Students will review charts and ordering numbers. Independent Math level practice. 


pg 21-22 Jumpstart review/

Students will review graphs and ordering numbers and basic number operation. Independent math level practice. 


Number sense and operation 



sort by colors and shapes and work on patterns/ StarFall 



6th hour- Co-Teach with Mrs. Lloyd 7th math   

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