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Home Activities for Speech and Language Practice

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are doing well.  It was so good to talk to your parents and some of YOU this week!  That made my week! 

I’ve listed some activities below.  Please choose the activities that go along with your goals.  You all know what you have been working on.  If you need a reminder, ask your parent to text or email me and I will let them know.  Use the things you already to know to make some great progress with your sounds and/or language goals.  You can try to do about 5 minutes each day during the week or do it all together for about 30 minutes.  Remember to use a mirror or voice memo (with permission) to help you if you would like. Take care!!
Please check out the activities listed below in addition to the Education Websites link.  I will update activities weekly. 

Recommended activities for the week of 4/6/2020: