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Read Naturally

Read Naturally Live


Your child has been working in Read Naturally Live, a highly effective supplemental reading program that develops fluency and supports vocabulary and comprehension. 


I have set up the program so that your child can continue working in Read Naturally Live at home.


Click on student


Account # 00041726

User name: is your child’s first name

Password: is your child’s first name


  1. Choose a story

  2. Listen to vocabulary words

  3. Play wordtastic - at least 10 points

  4. Cold timing - parent will listen to child read - click on words they don’t know - when bell rings click on the last word read

  5. Read along - 3 times - child needs to follow along

  6. Practice - your child will practice the story 3 times independently - they may click on any words they don’t know- when bell rings they click on the last word read

  7. Comprehension - 5-7 questions over the story

  8. Hot timing - Parent will listen to the child read the story for one minute. As the child reads count the mistakes, if they self correct do not count that as a mistake. They are only allowed 3 mistakes to pass a story.



User name - parent

Password - sulphures


If your child missed any questions please have them go back and try again.


If you have any questions please call or text me at (580) 618-2883


Thank you,

Tracy Cook