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Distant learning Ideas


Practice multiplication facts! 

- Play mutilpication games sent home with personal items. 

- pick 2-4 multiplication problems per week to learn. Write them with chalk outside, rainbow right them, or  use flash cards. 


Work on addition and subtraction 

     count rocks or other objects outside/around the house and create math problems with adding and taking awa y objects. Example: Belle has 6 rocks but she give 3 to her mom how many rocks does she have left? 



Read in different areas of the house. 

Read at least 20 minutes a day. 

Watch videos over a topic and then read a book about it. 



find things around the house to spell. 

rainbow write these words 

talk about what they words start with . 



keep a journal of this time. 

talk about what you did that day. 

use a new word a week