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Language syllabus


Language Syllabus 6th-8th grade

Mrs. Amanda Crawford


Course description:  This class was designed to work with students on language arts skills at more of an individualized level. The class will be focusing on improving the students reading, language, and spelling skills. 

Classroom rules and expectations:

Students are to remain seated unless they have permission to be out of their desk.

Follow instructions of the teacher at all times.

Treat others with respect

Bring needed supplies each day

Students are not allowed to be behind teachers desk or cabinets unless you have permission

Raise your hand before speaking

Tardy policy: Sulphur Middle School tardy policy applies. First tardy is a warning the 2nd tardy student will receive sentences. After the students 3rd tardy they will be required to serve in lunch detention. 

Grading: Students will receive a minimum of 2 grades per week. The grades will not be weighted. Grades for missed assignments due to absences will be the students responsibility to get missed assignments and turn in to the teacher.  The students will be given 2 days for each absence. I will accept late work however a deduction of 10 points will be made for each day late. 

Grade reports: Grades may be viewed at any time through the district website. Therefore, weekly reports, other than the school wide progress reports will not be sent home.

Lesson plans for the week will be posted on the school website.

I am excited to teach your child this year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.