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Sulphur Elementary School

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Carlee Cole, a senior at Sulphur High School is helping to raise money to put toward our elementary school supply fees. You may find her on Facebook under SAILS (, or you may visit the Sulphur Chamber of Commerce to make a donation. 

School Supplies needed: Backpack and a water bottle. The school provides all other items. SES Students will not need to pay a fee for the 2021-2022 school year.


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Morning recess will be available for students in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade. We will have someone on duty outside starting at 7:30 until school starts at 7:50 am. There will be designated areas that each grade level will have in the morning. We ask that no parents be on the playground in the morning. Teachers will pick their students up from the playground and walk them into the classroom.  

Breakfast begins at 7:30 am, and ends at 7:45 am. We ask that parents refrain from entering the cafeteria during breakfast time.  

School starts at 7:50 am. It is very important that your child be on time daily so that we can begin our learning process. Please help instill in your child the importance of being on time. The tardy bell rings at 7:55 am. Students are marked tardy after this time.

Dismissal for car riders will be at 2:50 pm. Students need to be picked up at that time, as teachers need to take their bus riders to load the bus at 2:59 pm.


We have a notification system, E-Notes, that sends texts to parents/guardians. This is our best way to contact you, so please make sure you keep us up to date on phone number changes. Teachers and the office staff use this often to share information. E-Notes is not interactive, so your child's teacher will likely also use email to reach out to you, especially if they need you to respond to them. If you would like to add family members or friends to our e-notes list, please click this link for information. 

All teachers post weekly notes on their webpage, so please get in the habit of checking their page so you have the latest information for classroom related questions. 

We also share information on our Facebook page, Sulphur Elementary School.

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COVID-19 has taught us a lot, and that includes the safety of our children. For this reason, we ask that anyone wanting to visit students or staff call to make an appointment, so that we can keep extra visitors to a minimum. 

I am looking forward to an amazing school year with you and your child.  Please feel free to call me with any questions that you may have.  

For the Kids, 

Mrs. Muck


You may click this link to fill out our enrollment form for NEW STUDENTS: 


Grade level expectations link


Breakfast and lunch menu link:



CDC guidelines

If you choose to test your child so they can return earlier then documentation of a negative test will need to be given to the office.   


Parents will be expected to screen their child each morning answering the following
questions. The safety of your child and our staff is of utmost importance as we return to school. During the school year, we are asking you to daily check your child for signs of COVID-19.
Below is a checklist of statements you may use as a reference. If your child exhibits any of the following signs, indicating by answering yes to the questions below, please keep them at home. This checklist must be used separately for each child attending school from your household. You can print a checklist/log from our website at ​ 

1. Does your child have a temperature of 100 degrees or more today?

2. Does your child have a sore throat? 

3. Does your child have a cough?

4. Does your child have a loss of smell or taste?

5. Does your child have shortness of breath?

6. Does your child have close contact with a positive COVID case? 

7. Does anyone in your household have a fever of 100 or more today?

Designated isolation areas will be identified in each building for students who exhibit symptoms during the day or are running a temperature above 99.5. They will remain in this area until a guardian has picked them up from the school. Any student who is sent home due to fever will not be allowed back in school until one of the following: ​1)​ negative COVID-19 test and 48 hours fever free without medication or ​2​) must be 72 hours fever free without medication, have no other symptoms and must have no known exposure to COVID-19 or ​3​) if exposed to COVID-19, must be 14 days fever free with no use of medication and no other symptoms. ​