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COVID-19 Updates


Dear Bulldog Family

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, I have made the decision to pause school for the week of November 30th - December 4th.  We will return to school on Monday, December 7th.  This is a complete pause for that week and will extend the Thanksgiving break.  The campus will be closed during that time. My goal and hope is that if you have symptoms during this time, you isolate yourself. I am extremely concerned about staff and students being in groups outside of their normal day to day families and being exposed to well meaning family members at Thanksgiving that may just not know they have the virus.  The incubation period for COVID-19 is 4-9 days from being exposed to showing symptoms.  This break will allow us to be out 10 days from Thanksgiving Day.  Hopefully this will allow us to have the majority of our students and staff back for the remainder of the semester. 


I have elected to just push pause rather than distance learn for a couple of reasons, but mainly I don’t believe it is our most effective educational mode.  I continue to wholeheartedly believe that in person learning is best. While there may be a place for virtual, it is definitely not for all students and families.   We have time built into the calendar and some left over if needed, therefore this will not affect the remainder of the school calendar. 


To reiterate, there will be no school November 23 - December 4. School will resume on December 7, 2020. There are no other changes to the school calendar at this time.


Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Be Safe,


Matt Holder


Sulphur Public Schools