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Enrollment Information


Please go to >elementary >enrollment information and click on the student enrollment link. If there is a red asterisk in a question on the online form, you must answer it. If it doesn’t apply, then type n/a. You will receive an automated message when you submit the form and it has been approved.

(The links provided will work from most devices)  


New Students need to fill out these links: 

Student Enrollment:                          

Student Indian/JOM Form:

Student Initial Enrollment Form:

Student Transportation Form:

New students will also have to provide a birth certificate, proof of residence (copy of utility bill with parent/guardian’s name), and immunization records

New students will also have to have a home language form, Parent Technology Information, and Free/Reduced application form filled out.


Current Students need to fill out these links:

Student Enrollment:

Students will all have to submit a free/reduced meal application form every year. 


Parent info for enrolling your child first time


Students need to turn 4 on or before September 1, 2019 to be eligible for our PK program.

Students need to turn 5 on or before September 1, 2018 to be eligible for our Kindergarten program.


You may begin filling out the online enrollment for your child at this time. Please fill out any forms related to new student enrollment.


-School needs a copy of a birth certificate


-School needs a copy of immunization records to date

-at this time I do not track Covid immunizations

-some kids are behind on immunizations due to covid, please work with your family medical person to get the immunizations caught up by kindergarten. Please give me the list of what you do have for them already.


-if you have chosen to not have your child immunized, please fill out an exemption form with the school office (it only takes a couple of minutes)


-the teacher will start sending you messages before school starts that include helpful hints for preparing you and your child for school


-it’s OK to ask us questions! We have been there with our own kids, and are happy to help you both adjust


The links below are provided to help share information.

SES Google Calendar

Upcoming Events